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Customer Engagement – Workforce Optimization and Improvement

Knowing and understanding your customer’s experience throughout your enterprise and contact center is critical to offering outstanding customer service, maintaining and retaining your valued customer base.  Although your organization has been using web, email, social, mobile and other channels to connect and interact with your customers, many contact points still operate in silos.  Customers expect the very best service from you and are quick to leave you if their expectations are not met every step of their journey through your business. Workforce Optimization (WFO) helps you:

  • Measure the customer engagement
  • Implement corrections to agent and process deficiencies and compliance
  • Optimize your resources to deploy customer pleasing services
  • Plan cohesive marketing strategies to attract new prospects and retain existing clients

Optimization and Automation The answer is automated solutions, with a single access point, to display captured and unified operational data or customer information from one site or many locations. This includes a consolidated view of enterprises with multiple PBX/ACD configurations.  You can combine and unify all of your enterprise data into an easy to view data report or data inquiry.  No longer will your staff be forced to waste time on laborious manual data retrieval methods; no more staff additions or limits to data sampling with automated 100% Quality Assurance for your front and back office interactions.  We simplify the task of data retrieval from transactions that happened seconds ago, or if archived, years ago.

Another advantage is discovering the voice of your customers from their telephone calls, transactions and even social media. Don’t be afraid of social media, make it work to your benefit with a “Socially Enabled” contact center and enterprise.  Agents can proactively contact customers, or via social media engagement from profiles created from posted social remarks and comments about your business or products. Having the relevant customer data at your fingertips allows your staff to react, engage and improve the customer experience.

Customer engagement improvements can be obtained from a combination of automated tools depending on the customer or employee information you need:

Call Recording Browser-based access to a robust and advanced call recording software solution provides everything needed to quickly and easily record calls and manage recorded call information and meta-data.
Screen Capture Capture and record agent's desktop screens and transaction activities and synchronizes the recorded screens with their related calls during customer interactions.
Quality Assurance Monitoring live calls during the customer transaction, observe and examine calls in progress and perform quality monitoring and agent scoring for QA, training, or evaluation; take specific actions during the call if necessary.
Quality Assurance Intelligently monitor and improve your quality and performance while managing your liabilities through speech analytics combined with agent scoring and business intelligence.
Voice of Customer (VoC) Grow and retain your customers by discovering and responding to the VoC and their true sentiments about your business.
Speech and Desktop Analytics Capture, analyze and improve the performance of your agents as well as discovering and resolving process deficiencies.
Workflow Automation and Next Best Actions Displays what the "Next-Best-Step" to be followed by agent or employee; this guidance assists in automating the staff workflow.
Socially Enabled Contact Center and Enterprise) Social media data mining and monitoring, business analysis and strategic managed services.


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