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Workforce Management

Employees are the life blood of any organization.  Without them, the job won’t get done and your business will suffer from a lack of customer service in the call center and the disruption of transaction processing in the back office.  Implementing workforce management software gives you the benefit of always having an accurate number of employees available and ready to fulfill all of your customers’ needs generating improvements across your organization.

No matter how many employees your enterprise has, staffing is a huge challenge, especially if you are using a manual system. Being able to calculate just the right amount of staff is a huge cost savings for any business; alleviating under staffing and over staffing.  Moving from a manual time card system to an automated time and management system alleviates human error, any possibility of “time theft”, and the ability to proactively manage and control labor, the largest variable cost for most businesses.

workforce managementChallenges include:

  • Organizing staff with accurate predictions to balance historical call volume against the agent workload so resources are not wasted or understaffed
  • Daily scheduling adherence and exception handling so employees are not overwhelmed and can offer great customer service
  • Manage your agents and employees schedules and adherence to your workload
  • Reduce your payroll expenses while satisfying your customers
  • Streamline the workflow between the front and back office

OnviSource’s workforce management solution is offered through a partnership with a leader in workforce management for all types of customer interactions such as calls, chat, e-mail, and back office functions.  The fully integrated suite of products feature comprehensive forecasting, scheduling and a complete enterprise-wide workforce management view to automate processes and reduce costs.  OnviSource’s Persona solution offers open interfaces for the best fit into any ACD/PBX environment, to include hybrid environments with numerous ACD/PBX platforms running at different sites.

  • Reduce costs while improving quality and increasing revenues
  • Optimize business processes, increase operating efficiency 
  • Improve employee satisfaction, boost productivity and reduce turnover
  • Enhance your customer’s experience

Standard and advanced workforce management functions include:

  • Inbound - Service Objectives, Average Speed of Answer, and AHT
  • Outbound - Campaigns
  • Chat - Dynamic Chat Model
  • Full forecasting and Scheduling
  • Real-time Adherence
  • Management Reports
  • Back Office and Email
  • Mobile Adherence
  • Web Access – Management and Agents Self-serve Tools

Back-office Scheduling

Back-office scheduling is important to maintain the right mix of staff not only to reduce costs but to improve organizational efficiencies between the front and back office.

  • Improve the quality and experience of the customer transaction journey
  • Increase over-all productivity, improve operations, and reduce attrition

Performance Management

  • Real-time performance data in tailored reports and dashboards
  • Automated report generation
  • Combine workforce and other business KPI data into a single source
  • Visibility to every level from the front office to the back office

Subscription-based Workforce Solution

A hosted, low cost, subscription-based solution for managing your call center workforce. By utilizing the power in combination with hosted database, scheduling, and forecasting engines and a web portal for agent access; you gain all the benefits that a hosted solution can offer.


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