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Remote AdministrationChallenges to your IT operations can unexpectedly occur on a daily basis and certainly as your business grows and expands.  Running an effective, efficient IT operation is no easy task and you need the right tools to address adverse situations to solve any problems before there is an outage.  Users need operations management capabilities that are easy to operate and administrate, provide reliability, automation, enterprise-wide connectivity and offer management a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

The Solution

OnviSource offers an IT insurance plan for your contact center and back office infrastructure supporting all of our products. It will give you the peace of mind that your IT organization is equipped to handle daily operations as well as the unexpected and much more.  Unifying operational data across multiple platforms and sites improves your operation management and reduces your workload and expenses.



  • Reduce IT workload and expenses
  • Backup, recovery, redundancy
  • Provide Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for OnviCenter solutions
  • Full accessibility to voice and screen recordings; data and media management such as archiving, purging and copying
  • Maintain data and operational continuity through redundancy, automated replication and backup, and rapid recovery
  • Data and media imports and exports
  • Implement load balancing to optimize performance
  • Load balancing
  • Effectively protect, manage and access data and media using systematic, automated and scheduled archive (with remote access), copy and purge
  • Software updates and administration without costly processes or adverse impacts to operation continuity
  • Centrally manage and schedule software audits and software updates to all other local and remote servers and desktops
  • Security and user administrations
  • Provide a single point of login and security control for multiple applications
  • Supports local and remote locations

OnviSource professional service experts have earned the reputation of being flexible and rapidly respond to customer needs. And to help you get started, they also offer a full range of specialized services ranging from requirements development, project management, design, implementation and functionality assurance for your specific business needs. Our product specialists work with you to understand your IT support challenges, prepare measurements, apply solutions and demonstrate ROI for the OnviSource IT solution.

Avoid adding more IT personnel and additional expenses by deploying a comprehensive set of automated and fully integrated software applications that can provide direct benefits to your IT challenges supporting all OnviSource products and solutions.


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