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Risk and Compliance Management

Risk, compliance, liability protection and legal issues are a major concern for any enterprise. Legislation in many countries and states mandates that calls are recorded for various industries.  In the United States, The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act is just one piece of legislation that affects contact centers and trading floors of all sizes, and in industries that are involved in exchange activities, such as financial services, manufacturing, oil and insurance.  The regulatory landscape is constantly changing and contact centers struggle to keep up with compliance issues, dealing with complaints, and having readily available proof in case of an audit.

100% Quality AssuranceThe Solution

Protect your business and comply with rules and regulatory requirements. Record 100% of all your customer and business interactions such as telephone calls, emails, chats, and agent screens for proof and verification of the exact circumstances for each interaction and transaction.  Today’s smart enterprises and contact centers maintain legal and contractual compliance by implementing OnviSource’s cost effective call recording and quality assurance systems to ensure they meet all legal requirements pertaining to their unique business structure.

Protection with Automated Quality Monitoring Solutions

  • Automated Quality Assurance and Speech Analytics
  • Ability to filter 100% captured data into filtered Quality Assurance templates
  • Fast, accurate, efficient analysis for gathering information and understanding customer interactions
  • Screen capture – record and view every keystroke and mouse click
  • PCI DSS compliant
  • Match data from agent screen to call for special handling or analysis
  • Enables in-call alerts that help guide staff if compliance has not been met
  • Real-time critical event detection
  • Notification and action alerts
  • Acts as a shield from “finger-pointing” and against accusations of compliance violations when recording 100% of all customer interactions
  • Enables managers to better train employees by giving them real-world examples and providing better feedback for optimal performance
  • Find points of failure in interactions or business processes


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