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Our Solutions

OnviSource's solutions can connect the enterprise to their customers via multiple channels and multiple customer touchpoints, enable them to interact with customers through OnviSource's or 3rd party applications, capture all interactions from all channels, and create big data related to the customer experience for each channel. Our omnichannel analytics can analyze and transform each channel's big data to actionable knowledge and trends. Our cross-channel analytics can then analyze the actionable knowledge across all channels and present a universal view of actionable knowledge, trends and actions.

The Soul of Our Solutions

Omni-Channel Capture and Analytics Integrated with Cross-Channel Analytics

Onvisource Software SolutionsAt the center of our solutions resides a Core Intelligence, OnVision™, a fully integrated and advanced system of omnichannel capture and analytics, feeding our unique cross-channel analytics. First, our omnichannel capture products record and organize 100% of the contents related to all customer touch points and channels - including calls, desktop screens and transactions, email, chat, texts, customer surveys, and social media. Hence, producing big data for each customer experience and interaction. Next, our omni-channel analytics automatically analyzes the captured data from each channel, and generates channel-dependent actionable knowledge and trends for each channel.

Finally, our cross-channel analytics utilize the channel-dependent actionable knowledge, and perform analytics across all channels and present channel-agnostic, universal and holistic views of actionable knowledge and trends. Such core intelligence is the kernel to all of our solutions, enabling them to directly contribute to enterprise-wide optimization, automation and unification of the workforce, transactions and processes.

Workforce Optimization for Front and Back Office

OnviSource offers workforce optimization for front and back office functions, including the recording and monitoring of 100% of calls, desktop screens, interactions and transactions; fully analyzed by automated and omnichannel speech, desktop and text analytics to create actionable knowledge. We provide quality and liability management for training, compliance, quality assurance and protection of the business.

Workflow and Process Automation-Compliance for Front and Back Office

Our workflow and process automation significantly increases productivity and reduces costs or human errors for transactions processed by front and back offices. Applications and reports can be scheduled to run automatically and disseminate information to relevant personnel. Critical data and events can be automatically detected and reported in real time so appropriate actions can be taken. Automated analytics provide agent or employee quality monitoring, productivity management, work compliance, coaching, next-best-action, real-time detection of critical events, and regulatory compliance, such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA and HITECH, etc.).

Voice of Customer (VoC), Customer Journey Analytics (CJA), and Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM)

Customer (or employee) transactions are captured at all touchpoints and through multiple channels of calls, emails, text, chat, desktop transactions, customer surveys and social media - providing universal and holistic insights to the customer (or employee) sentiments.

Onvisource Software SolutionsCustomer Experience Big Data Management

Capturing 100% of information from all channels can produce a massive amount of data, known as Big Data in the industry. In order to transform the big data to actionable knowledge and actions first our omnichannel analytics automatically analyzes the captured data from each channel, and produce channel-dependent actionable knowledge for each channel. Our cross-channel analytics then performs analytics across all channels and presents universal and holistic views of actionable knowledge and trends.

Socially-Enabled Contact Centers and Enterprises

Our comprehensive social media solution, offered as products or managed services, transforms contact centers and enterprises into "socially-enabled-engaged" organizations.

Workforce Management (WFM)

Our multi-channel workforce management solution offers a comprehensive analysis of historical data from multiple channels of calls, emails, and others, and offers optimized scheduling of workforce based on availability, skills and other factors. Real time performance and adherence management, intraday modifications, mobility and many other advanced features are provided in order to optimize the fulfillment and processing of the load; as well as reducing the payroll expenses.

Cloud and On-Premise Multimedia Contact Center Call Management and PBX

In addition to advanced WFO and omni/cross-channel analytics, OnviSource offers feature-rich IP-PBX and contact center management capabilities, including IVR, ACD, Dialers, agent desktop multimedia call presentation, user-managed screen pops, event broadcasting, and intelligent routing. Unlike other cloud contact center service providers where the cloud is their main capability, and the WFO applications are add-ons from their partners, OnviSource positions the WFO as the center of our capability, and offers the cloud as a means of delivery of features.

Unification of Customer Journey and Transaction throughout the Enterprise

Customer touchpoints within an enterprise usually include the telecom platforms (PBX, IVR, Voice Mail, Internet Access, etc.), customer interaction and transaction applications such as CRM, and WFO applications that in the background monitor, record and analyze the customer interactions. Unification of the data across these dispersed platforms and applications (which include automated collection, aggregation and unification of the data combined with an organized depository in a single place) can directly benefit the enterprise several ways.

  • The productivity of various functions, such as transaction validation, utilizing one unified data from a single depository source instead of laborious and manual collection and unification of the data from various places.
  • Discovery and the resolution of problems related to the internal processes.
  • Discovery of true customer sentiment when interacting with a variety of platforms and organizations within the enterprise.

Unification of Operational Data and "Supplier-Optimized Demand Routing" (SODR)

Unification can be extended to multiple sites, contact centers and/or platforms in which user-defined operational data is automatically collected, aggregated, unified and analyzed in order to optimize the traffic loads, routing, and the connection of a customer "demand" for a service to the best and most "optimized supplier" using customer profiles. Utilizing Adaptive Real Time Intelligent Routing technologies the ACD and PBX traffic can be managed in real time to achieve and optimize routing.

HIPAA Compliant Secure Messaging and Content Delivery

Offered as cloud services or software products, our secure messaging solution provides HIPAA compliant and encrypted messaging through both teleservices providers and enterprises. The solution supports smartphones such as iPhone and Android.

Onvisource Software SolutionsTeleservice Applications Integrated with WFO

OnviSource is one of only a few companies that provides a fully integrated CRM and WFO set of solutions. Our teleservices applications include answering services, dispatch, emergency, multimedia messaging help desk, and much more.

Collaborative Management

Associated with all of our solutions is an advanced collaborative management tool in which managers can have a "virtual presence" with their local or remote agents and employees and interact, engage, chat, communicate, coach, post bulletins, and exchange and share documents.

Operation Continuity, Lower Cost of Operation, and Enterprise Overlay

Complexity of advanced products offered by today's vendors have created challenges and increased expenses for IT organizations. OnviSource provides automated IT tools to cost effectively manage operation continuity, recovery and product or user administration; reducing total cost of ownership and IT workload. Our solutions fully support enterprise overlay and integration with a variety of enterprise telecom platforms, network protocols (digital, analog, SIP, VoIP), CRM applications, Salesforce.com, data bases, portals, and much more.


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