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HIPAA and HITECH Compliance

To protect the integrity of your patient related interactions and ensure your facility delivers an excellent experience, health care professionals and business associates use OnviSource contact center solutions.  You can stay compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act of 2009, through low cost and mobile secure messaging, notifications and content delivery. We offer the products you need to monitor your interactions and measure patient satisfaction, gather intelligence to drive improvement and remain competitive, comply with strict regulations and ensure uninterrupted operation.

HIPAA-compliantProtecting Privacy and Patient Information

  • Access Control – locked down server and system with restricted external access
  • Audit Control – audit trail of access to the data
  • Data Integrity – email trail of modify data; messages stored for a certain amount of time
  • User Authentication – login monitoring and password management
  • Data Security – store the encrypted data, limit access to the data, and store the encryption keys separate from the data

Maintain Private Communication

Privacy of messages is enforced by end-to-end message encryption, verification and data integrity through SSL; as well as the web-based secure messaging server accessed by clients only through encrypted passwords and other security measures.  Messages are prevented from being saved on smartphones, avoiding any possibility of messages being disclosed or viewed by unauthorized individuals. All messages are also encrypted on the web server.

Real-Time Messaging and Notifications

Secure messages are automatically dispatched to the secure web server. Messages are available immediately to authorized recipients who are automatically notified in real time.

smartphoneSimple Setup and Access for PC, Smartphone or Tablet

Setting up a secure messaging account is easy, intuitive and accessible via smartphone, PC or tablet. Users can optionally assign an administrator to read and manage messages for them, their group or office.

Retrieving Messages is Easy

Users receive an alert on their preferred method of contact that a message has been taken. Users access their messages on the secure site by clicking a link or via a web browser. Users access the secure site using ID and Password or PIN. Upon viewing messages, the system that messages have been read.

Reduce Expenses and Consolidate Devices and Pagers

The service provides an opportunity to consolidate various devices and pagers into a single smartphone device, reducing expenses and simplifying communication while protecting the medical practice.

Comprehensive Audit Trail and Message History Log

The secure messaging service automatically updates and maintains a message history log and an audit trail with a comprehensive report available to users.


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