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Customer Data Unification

Knowing and understanding your customer’s experience throughout your enterprise and contact center is critical to offering outstanding customer service and maintaining your valued customer base.  Many of your enterprise contact points may operate in silos, but to your customer, you are one entity.  Customers are quick to leave you if their expectations are not met at every step of their journey with you. Unifying your customer’s journey across your telecom, WFO and CRM platforms improves processes, reduces costs and increases customer satisfaction.

customer transaction journeyThe answer is automated solutions, with a single access point, to display unified operational data or customer information from one site or many locations. This includes a consolidated view of enterprises with multiple PBX/ACD configurations.  You can combine and unify all of your enterprise data into an easy to view data report or data inquiry.  No longer will your staff be forced to waste time on laborious manual data retrieval methods.  We simplify data retrieval from transactions that happened seconds ago, or if archived, years ago.

Automated Transactional Unification:

  • Captures user-defined data throughout the customer transaction journey from telecom, WFO and CRM platforms; front and back office customer touch points
  • Deposits the resulting associated information in a single, user-defined record
  • Creates a Single Access Point to access the captured and unified information, accessing the WFO functions (such as playing recorded calls, viewing captured screen, or reviewing the QA or analytics data) in order to perform transaction validation, QA, and compliance

Automated Operational Unification:

  • Access multiple platforms and systems in various dispersed locations
  • Capture and collect the user-defined data and KPIs related to each platform
  • Associate, normalize, unify, centralize and present the data and KPIs across multiple platforms and systems
  • Evaluate against user-defined thresholds and logic
  • Launch notifications, alerts and applications when thresholds and logics are met


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