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We offer software solutions or cloud services that can deliver intelligence and automation to a broad range of your critical functions in your contact centers and back offices, while empowering you to effectively manage your customer experience.

Customer Experience Management (CXM)

call center software solutionsCustomer experience is developed not only during their actual interactions with agents, but throughout the entire customer journey and all customer touch points, consisting of four major segments:

  • Customer Service Routing and Omnichannel Service - Starting with routing the customer service request to the right centers, right organizations and the right agents without having your customer to repeat the information.
  • Customer Interaction Management and Workforce Optimization Management - Offering multimedia customer interactions that result in full compliance, fulfillment in the first interaction, and positive customer experience.
  • Get in TouchCustomer Transaction Management and Process Automation - Processing large volumes of customer service requests and transactions in both contact centers and back offices, efficiently, cost effectively, and with no mistakes.
  • Customer Sentiment Discovery and Feedback - Capturing and analyzing customer feedback from social media, surveys, and multimedia interactions in order to discover true customer sentiment and improve in all areas.

OnVision consists of a broad range of integrated and user-configurable capabilities that can address all four major segments and deliver the ultimate solution for holistic and all-inclusive Customer Experience Management (CXM).

OnVision creates a “knowledge base” for each major segment using multichannel capture, unification and analytics. The results are then provided to the OnVision decision-making engine to make the best next decision and automatically launch an action. A library of standard and custom action modules is used by OnVision to automatically execute the selected action.

OnVision is powered by a series of advanced and user-configurable technologies and products, enabling the delivery of an all-inclusive CXM for all four major segments:

Multichannel Media and Data Capture, Unification and Big Data Management

Automated capturing and unification of the data and media from each segment of the customer journey: customer routing systems - enterprise systems such as telecom, CRM, WFO, WFM, and ERP – customer interactions via calls, emails, chat, desktop transactions and Social Media – and finally, customer feedback through surveys, documents and social media.

Multi- and Cross-Channel Analytics

Complete set of analytics including Speech-To-Text, Speech Analytics, Desktop Analytics, Text Analytics, Cross-Channel Analytics, Trend Analysis and Predictive Analytics; as well as document and subject archiving, categorization, and indexing.

Rule-Based and Adaptive Learning-Machine Decision-Making Engine with Automated Launch of Actions

Utilizes the Knowledge Base created by analytics to make the next-best-decision based on user-defined rules or adapting as a learning machine; followed by automatically launching actions.

Highly Advanced User Interface and Presentation Capabilities

Including dynamic reports, charts and dashboards, unified and customizable views, and intuitive workflow.




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