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Call Routing and Management

From growing start-ups to managing multiple locations and a remote workforce are you prepared for future growth?  Can one of the most important customer facing devices in your business, your phone system, keep up?  We can show you how easy it is to transition from a costly, legacy system, or no system, to a modern communications solution that's on-site, hosted, or a combination of both to fit the needs of your business.

Your company may not be running a formal call center, but you may find that you need similar enterprise class functionality for your internal contact center. Your inside sales team or support groups need to route calls, manage call queues, measure call times, record calls and get on-demand reporting on agent performance. We enable you to effectively manage your day to day call routing and management operations for internal contact centers.

call routingSimple Add-On

  • Stand-Alone Systems
  • Front-Ending Existing PBXs
  • OnviSource Products

Network Interface Options

  • T1, PRI, Analog, SIP Trunking, VoIP
  • Reduce Telecom Expenses

Affordable PBX Functions

  • Fully-Featured Digital Features
  • IP PBX Features

Advanced and Configurable Call Management Features

  • Call Recording for Small and Geographically-Dispersed Locations
  • Extracting Business-Market Intelligence from Call Origination-Termination
  • Cost-Effective Call Management for Mass DIDs
  • SMB Digital- or IP-PBX and Call Management
  • Application Redundancy & Load Balancing
  • Customer-Defined Call Routing & Dialing Plans to Match Customer’s Specific Apps
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) - Reduce Agent’s Engagement and Maximize Productivity
  • Auto-Attendant, Call Screening, Conference Bridge
  • Office Voice Mail with Email Notifications


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