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Back Office Optimization and Automation

Back office operations have traditionally been paper and labor-intensive.  Requests for fulfillment or action arrive in multiple formats such as mail, fax, through the call center or an internet portal.  Resolution may involve multiple steps and departments. In the absence of automation, it is not uncommon for personnel to manually move paper documents around the back office or for documents to be sent by post to other service centers for further processing.  Optimizing and automating workflows and back office functions enables you to discover and resolve your process deficiencies.  The ability to monitor, alert, collaborate and coach your local and remote employees in real-time improves their performance and compliance.

Back Office WFOWhile the back office is often overlooked by even the most customer-focused organizations, most human resources needed to deliver on the customer experience are actually found there.   The back office is also responsible for customer loyalty rankings. By optimizing back office functions and aligning them with the front office, the customer journey through your enterprise can be successfully completed.  Focusing on people and processes leads to better service and an opportunity for organizations to turn the back office into another asset, delivering exceptional customer service and productivity improvements.

The Solution

  • Monitor, discover and improve employee performance and compliance.
  • Maintain compliance and adherence.
  • Detect critical events.
  • Monitor, discover and improve workflow and process deficiencies.
  • Intelligently schedule your workforce for your required workload.
  • Reduce costs of manual data collection, manipulation and report building, and reporting errors.
  • Increase usability of contact center and back office applications by linking various enterprise applications.
  • Documents can be exchanged for immediate use in real-time or electronically.
  • Automated collaborative tools such as chat, messaging, bulletin boards and notification empower managers too efficiently and effectively manage and virtually assist every employee no matter their location.


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