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Advantage Program Services

The Advantage Program assists clients in justifying and selecting the right solution, implementing it the right way, making it work specifically for them, and continue working to support their future requirements.

The Advantage Program is a unique special service program for assisting new and existing customers. It is specifically offered for more complex front and back office workforce optimization solutions, such as speech, desktop and process analytics, social media analytics, workflow automation, and unification of operational data across multiple platforms and sites.

OnviSource guides clients with a complete knowledge exchange. It helps them learn and understand the benefits of cost-effectively optimizing, automating and unifying their customer interactions, transactions and processes performed in their contact centers, back offices and IT organizations, into easy to administer solutions.

It works like this: OnviSource helps analyze specific needs plus the root causes, select the solution, justify it, and implement it to properly work for each unique situation. The program can use a client’s own data, processes and methodologies. If necessary, OnviSource will even provide free pilot programs for clients to further understand the solution in their actual environment.

The Advantage Program assists clients throughout the entire process and continues to support the client, making sure they realize the full ROI potential of their OnviSource solution.

Advantage Program Services


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