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OnviPay Financial Assistance Program

OnviPay is a special financial assistance program offered by OnviSource, in partnership with reputable financial institutions. OnviSource is pleased to provide customized and streamlined financial assistance for the purchase of its products and services.

OnviPay is an Extended Payment Program for new purchases with up to 48 months of equal monthly payments and minimal or no interest rate. No down payment is necessary.

  • OnviPay is NOT a traditional leasing program.
  • You will not just be passed on to a leasing company.
  • OnviSource will remain as your financier and partner.

OnviPay Financial Assistance ProgramA Customized Financial Assistance Program
OnviPay provides a series of customizable financial assistance programs tailored to fit customers' specific financial plans.

No More Massive Paperwork
Information required for qualification is simplified with no need for long, complex applications.

Simple and Web-Based Process
Instead of massive paperwork to be exchanged, customers are provided with a convenient web portal with simple steps for filling out information.

Fast Response
Upon completion of information via the portal, results will be available within 24-48 hours.

OnviSource Remains Engaged
Customers are not just handed off to other companies. OnviSource remains its customers' true partner throughout the process, with the mission of maintaining customer satisfaction
and loyalty.

Flexible Charges for Interest Expenses
Customers have the flexibility to include the interest expenses in their purchase price, pay entirely separate from the purchase price, or a combination.


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