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Benefits of OnviCenter 7 Next-Generation Solutions
  • Highly Affordable Solutions Delivered in Multiple Channels - Our solutions are delivered with highly affordable prices and through multiple channels of software products, cloud services, outsourcing solutions, or any combination to match your financial needs.

  • Voice of Customer (VoC) - Grow and retain your customers by discovering and responding to the Vo) and their true sentiments about your business.

  • Analytics-Based Quality and Liability Management - Intelligently monitor and improve your quality and performance while managing your liabilities.

  • Desktop and Process Analytics - Capture, analyze and improve both the performance of your agents; as well as discovering and resolving your process deficiencies.

  • Workforce Management (WFM) - Reduce your payroll expenses and optimize the use of your resources with our WFM.

  • Back Office Workforce Optimization, Workflow Automation and Workforce Management - Apply our solutions to your back office, reduce expenses by 20% to 40%, and improve your performance and compliance.

  • Customer Transaction Journey - Improve your visibility, productivity and customer satisfaction by unifying your customer's transaction journey.

  • Call Center Service Applications - Enhance your services to your customers and expand your business using our applications in answering services, dispatching, secure messaging and PBX/call management.

  • Enhanced User Experience - Enhance your user experience, increase productivity, reduce errors and training time through an intuitive and unified user interface while reducing errors.

  • Enhanced Usability - Increase your usability through unified WFO applications with automated data exchange and workflow.

  • Insightful Information - Make fully-informed decisions by using our insightful reports, charts and dashboards.

  • Collaborative Management - Effectively manage your local and remote call centers and back office employees through collaborative management capabilities.

  • Enterprise Integration - Easily add our solutions to the rest of your enterprise systems and reduce integration hassles.

  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) - Reduce your IT workload and expenses, maintain your operation continuity, and lower your TCO.

  • Pre and Post-Sales Business Services - Get the quality assistance and support you need.


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