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Front Office (Contact Center) Workforce Optimization

Call Recording, Screen Capture and Speech Analytics for Call Center Quality Assurance

Using automated, workforce optimization and analytics-based quality assurance software solutions such as Excella Center™ software, enables any enterprise utilizing recorded telephone call interactions and screen capture as a fundamental business process, the ability to filter large numbers of recorded voice calls, audio files, and desktop screens automatically. Review or listen to only those interactions that are a match for producing useful and actionable intelligence. Excella Center is part of the OnviCenter 7 Solution Suite>.

Excella Center enables automated voice call recording and capturing from your customer interactions, such as customer calls, and agent desktop screen capture and texts. It offers a virtual gold mine of data that can be utilized to directly address your challenges including conversations, words, phrases, screen data and other pieces of information from customer interactions.

Another common problem Excella can help alleviate is First Call Resolution or FCR. No matter how well run your operations and processes are, every contact center gets repeat calls. Industry reports show that only about 65% of inbound calls are resolved on the first call. That means that 35% of customers are forced to call back, sometimes more than twice. Some customers will simply abandon you altogether, resulting in lost revenues, brand erosion, and lost customers. Repeat callers and the issue of FCR is so important, because multiple calls for the same reason account for up to 15% of a contact centers annual budget.

  • Automation of speech analytics in call centers to detect only the voice call recordings that require review
  • Screen capture and speech analytics help you uncover compliance or process flow issues
  • User defined rules-based speech analytics searches
  • Data is extracted, organized and used to score and evaluate agents and staff
  • Create effective and focused training programs and next-best action scenarios
  • Discover customer sentiment and root causes of customer dissatisfaction with powerful desktop and speech analytics.

The Excella Center Bundled Solution

  • Call Recording - record 100% of voice interactions; monitor calls
  • Screen Capture – simultaneously record 100% of screen activity and calls; monitor workflow
  • Quality Assurance - measure essential steps, performance and score agents
  • Speech Analytics - monitor and mine 100% of recorded phone interactions quickly, accurately and reliably for desired words and phrases; phonetic audio mining engine

Speech & Desktop Analytics-Based Quality Assurance Process

Optional Modules

  • Workforce Management – front and back office staff forecasting, scheduling and capabilities such as multichannel analysis, schedule adherence and performance, exception reports, employee web-based portal, and much more.
  • Operation Continuity - Back-up, replication, recovery, redundancy, load balancing with data-media management, security, user administration, local and remote location support from a centralized console.

Still not convinced? If you are not using voice call recording, or have call recording products from another vendor, our Excella Center Overlay Solution easily facilitates the deployment of Excella Plus in your enterprise.

Implementing a desktop and/or speech analytics program may seem like a challenging project. That’s why we offer the Advantage Program - assisting you every step of the way: justifying and selecting the right solution for your needs, implementing it, and continue working to support your future requirements.

The Advantage Program includes free ROI analysis and trials, project planning, customization, pilot programs and business continuity-assurance measures. The end result is a call recording, screen capture and voice analytics solution that works for you.


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