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OnviCloud Services

OnviCloud services offer tiered and multi-layer solutions that can be optionally selected by customers in order to optimize the most appropriate cloud service for their needs, operation and financial requirements. OnviCloud tiered services include telecom and data services from reputable and nation-wide service providers, business phone services, a series of call management capabilities, a broad range of advanced WFO solutions, and CRM applications.

OnviCloud services also provide the flexibility to integrate with customers' enterprise infrastructures and applications, ranging from telecom platforms to their CRM and ERP applications. OnviCloud tiered services are provided through our OnVista and OnviCenter suite of solutions.

OnVista - Telecom, Data, Business Phone and Call Management Capabilities

The OnVista suite of solutions offer a set of advanced and powerful capabilities including:

Telecom and Data Services

  • VoIP, SIP-based routing, Internet
  • DS3/Fiber, T1, fixed wireless
  • Local DIDs, DID portability, 800 numbers

Business Phone and Hosted PBX

  • Fully-featured PBX and IP-PBX
  • VoIP-based, SIP routing
  • Voice mail with email notification
  • Auto-Attendant

Call Management

  • IVR
  • Dialers
  • ACD
  • Call presentation
  • Agent desktop applications
  • Advanced intelligent real-time routing

OnviCenter - Workforce Optimization, Automation and Unification

OnviCenter solutions, offered as software, cloud services or outsourcing, are at the core of our OnviCloud benefits, providing an advanced and broad range of capabilities.

  • Advanced call recording, screen capture and quality assurance (QA)
  • Omni-channel capture of all customer interactions, including call recording, screen capture, speech-to-text, email, chat, text, customer surveys, and social media
  • Omni-channel interaction monitoring and advanced performance scoring and QA
  • Omni-channel and automated QA for 100% of all transactions and interactions
  • Omni-channel analytics for calls, audio, desktop screens, text-based interaction, surveys and social media
  • Cross-channel analytics offering big data management and providing universal, holistic and actionable knowledge and trends across all channels
  • Workforce management (WFM)
  • Customer-Employee surveys
  • Customer experience management capabilities including Customer Journey Analytics (AJA), Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM), Voice of Customer (VoC), etc.
  • Unification of operational data and/or the customer journey across multiple sites or multiple enterprise platforms of telecom, WFO and CRM applications
  • HIPAA compliant secure messaging and content delivery
  • Data management, replication, and recovery
  • Teleservice CRM applications, including answering service, emergency-dispatch, multimedia messaging and voice mail services, help desk, etc.
OnviCloud Benefits
  • Free up your valuable IT resources to focus on more critical tasks and projects
  • Try new software applications without capital expenditure
  • Get the latest technologies and contact center applications without having to install, deploy and maintain systems and applications
  • Mitigate risks and challenges of owning and operating new technologies
  • Accommodate local and remote locations with scalable options

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