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Managed Services & SaaS

Telecom & Call Center Services


Cloud Services, Managed Services and Software as a Service (SaaS)

OnviSource offers highly affordable, tiered, and multilayer cloud or managed services as attractive options to acquire any combination of its workforce optimization, automation and unification solutions, and contact center call management capabilities. Customers will be able to spend less time, resources and capital managing hardware, software and infrastructure - and more time managing their core businesses.

A major differentiator in OnviSource's strategy is our "inside-out" implementation of cloud services. Unlike some other providers that offer telecom services, PBX and call management as their core benefits, and offer basic workforce optimization (WFO) as an add-on (mostly from other partners). OnviSource starts with highly advanced WFO, analytics and big data management solutions as the core benefits, and integrates telecom services, PBX and call management capabilities as part of delivering the cloud service.

OnviSource cloud services offer a range of flexible and tailored solutions. This includes variable terms, lease-to-purchase, pick-and-choose services, scale up-and-down, hybrid cloud and on premise solutions.

OnviCloud Benefits

  • Free up your valuable IT resources to focus on more critical tasks and projects
  • Try new software applications without capital expenditure
  • Get the latest technologies and contact center applications without having to install, deploy and maintain systems and applications
  • Mitigate risks and challenges of owning and operating new technologies
  • Accommodate local and remote locations with scalable options

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