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Our Executive Team


Ray Naeini

Chairman & CEO

exec vp

Anita Hubbard

Executive Advisory Board Member


Art Yri


vp finance

Roger Dennis

VP, Finance & Accounting

vp huamn resources

Sherry Pippin

VP, Human Resources & Administration

director marketing

Bob Brittan

Director, Marketing & Branding

director contact center

Maurice Drake

Director, Contact Center BPO Services

director operations

Jimmy Walsh

Director, Operations & Customer Services

director product management

Brian Severson

Director, Product Management



ceoRay Naeini - Chairman and CEO

Ray Naeini is Chairman and CEO of OnviSource, responsible for the company's vision, strategic directions and managing all aspects of the company. Ray has over 28 years of experience in telecom, call center and software industries serving public, private and venture-backed companies as Chairman, CEO, President or Senior Executive. Ray has successfully developed and grown telecom and software businesses on a global basis by creating, marketing and delivering innovative technologies and solutions such as wireless prepaid products, managed services, enterprise software applications, multimedia messaging, intelligent network platforms, contact center software products, and comprehensive and advanced analytics and customer experience management solutions.

Ray is also Chairman and CEO of Omvix Group (an Investment and Business Management Company with investments in OnviSource and other business entities) and a Board Member and an Investor in VoiceAcuity Corporation (a voice intelligence and analytics software company). Ray has held several other board member and chairman positions in the past, including serving as an Executive Board Member with Southern Methodist University (SMU) School of Engineering in Dallas, Texas, and Chairman of the Board of Directors with Davacord, Inc.

Prior to OnviSource, Ray served as President of InterVoice-Brite NSD (a $250MM public and global telecom and enterprise application provider), as the CEO and President of Nexidia, Inc. (a private company offering speech analytics software solutions to call center and government intelligence markets), and as President of Intellicall, Inc. (an $85MM public telecom company). He also co-founded a startup parallel processing Computer Company, leading to a successful IPO.  

Ray has been guiding OnviSource with the vision of pioneering the industry in delivering intelligence and automation to enterprises and contact centers, offering “cost effective enterprise-wide and analytics-based solutions in customer experience management and workforce optimization, automation and unification - delivered as software products, cloud services or outsourcing (BPO) solutions”.

Ray has actively led the company to a strong, profitable and growth-oriented business entity based on a unique vision, innovation-at-all-levels, systematic business process management, emphasis on customer loyalty, a highly ethical and uncompromised value system, employee well-being and growth, and high standards of performance.  


executive vpAnita Hubbard - Executive Advisory Board Member

Anita Hubbard is the Executive Advisory Board Member for OnviSource. Anita participates in developing and contributing to major company initiatives, strategic directions and corporate-level projects for all divisions.

Anita joined OnviSource in 2008, and has progressively served in a variety of executive positions responsible for major contributions to the company’s growth and revenues, including EVP for business management, executive in charge of the software support services, Business Process Outsourcing services, corporate affairs and marketing. Earlier she operated as the Division Vice President of the Business Solutions Division, contributing significant growths and revenues while offering Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services.

Prior to joining OnviSource, Anita served in various financial and accounting management positions for Baron and Budd, P.C. Since 2002, she served as a principle with Omvix Group, Inc., conducting extensive research, planning and implementations in contact center business management, financials and industry trends. This resulted in major contributions to the incorporation of OnviSource by Omvix and its subsequent acquisition initiatives.

Anita holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance from the Cox School of Business, Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.


ctoArt Yri - Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Art Yri is responsible for implementing and delivering OnviSource's product vision in enterprise-wide optimization, automation, and unification. He oversees all functions related to the planning, development and deployment of all products, including strategic and tactical planning, product management, product development and deployment, and technical support services.

Art has over 20 years of experience in telecommunications and software technologies. Prior to joining OnviSource, he held senior level positions at Nortel, the Bell companies, Intellicall, InterVoice-Brite and NAC. He has managed the development and deployment of various software and telecom products on a global basis - from conception to implementation and with a complete understanding of technical, cultural and governmental processes.

He also founded and managed an engineering design and consulting company. Many of Art’s innovations resulted in substantial savings, multi-million dollar contract awards and significant revenue increases. Art was the first non-Ameritech employee to receive the prestigious “Whatever It Takes” service award.

Art holds a Bachelor of Science from North Dakota State University in Fargo and a graduate degree in electrical engineering from the University of Texas in Dallas.


vp of financeRoger Dennis - Vice President, Finance and Accounting

Roger Dennis serves as Vice President of finance and accounting and is responsible for financial management, accounting, compliances and reporting functions of OnviSource. In his role, Roger oversees financial planning and budgeting, all aspects of accounting, financial reports, independent audits, internal controls, and cost and working capital management. He is also chartered with establishing a high degree of integrity, transparency and compliances of company's accounting practices and financial reports.

Roger has over 30 years of experience in accounting and financial management. He has served as a Chief Financial Officer or senior executive in charge of finance and accounting for small to large public and private companies in the service and manufacturing industries.

Prior to joining OnviSource, Roger spent the majority of his career at various subsidiaries of Raytheon Company. He also served as CFO for a manufacturer of high performance marine vessels, as well as founding and managing a business service company providing accounting, tax and other business services.

Roger graduated from the University of Tulsa with a BSBA degree in accounting.


vp hrSherry Pippin - Vice President, Human Resources & Administration

Sherry Pippin, in addition to overseeing OnviSource's HR and administration functions, is responsible for company's Competency Management Program; as well as company's Value System initiatives and compliance. In her role as the champion for company's CMP, Ms. Pippin works with all organizations and develops company's human capital requirements, staffing, training and continuous Performance Improvement Programs comprised of employee well-being and career development initiatives. She is also responsible for working with all managers and employees and establishing and maintaining OnviSource's Value System through training, assessment and improvement programs.

Ms. Pippin joined the companies that were later acquired by OnviSource and during their early growth stages in 1988. She has over 20 years of experience in employee programs and benefits, HR management, employer regulatory compliance and office management with various companies in manufacturing, software and telecom industries. Prior to OnviSource, Ms. Pippin managed human resources and administration offices for Ag Chem, Inc. and F. H. Stolze Manufacturing Company.

Sherry studied management and business administration at Brown Mackie Business College, Marymount College and Western Montana College.


director of marketingBob Brittan - Director, Marketing and Branding

Bob Brittan is responsible for OnviSource’s branding and marketing functions including strategic marketing, brand establishment, lead generation, sales support, marketing communications and materials, SEO and Internet Marketing. He works with all internal organizations to develop “Go-To-Market” strategies, plans, sales campaigns and cohesive branding and messaging.

Bob has over 20 years of experience in technology, product, and general marketing as well as product management.  Prior to joining OnviSource Bob has worked for Rockwell (SSD) Electronic Commerce Division, Symon Communications (now RMG Networks) and as a consultant in the contact center and digital signage industries contributing to the success and growth of many organizations.

Bob has two Bachelor of Science degrees in Radio-Television Production and Speech Education from Southern Illinois University, an Executive MBA Certification in Telecommunications Technology, Systems, and Management from DePaul University, Chicago, IL, and Internet Marketing Certification from Collin College, in Plano, Texas.


direcotr of contact centerMaurice Drake – Director, Contact Center BPO Services

As the Director of Contact Center BPO Services, Maurice Drake is responsible for managing the company’s contact center outsourcing services and its call centers in Texas and Oklahoma. He oversees contact center critical functions, including workforce development and client relation management, as well as outsourcing program management, compliances and performance. He is in charge of the utilization of OnviSource’s own products in Workforce Optimization, Automation, Management and Unification, in order to significantly improve the company’s contact center performance, revenues and client satisfaction.

Maurice has had a progressive career within OnviSource and has served in various and critical positions and contributing to the success of company’s outsourcing services, including Training Manager and Program Manager.

Maurice has over 12 years of experience in contact center B2B and B2C sales and management experience. Prior to joining OnviSource, Maurice held management positions with Foot, Inc. and Family Christian Book Store, focusing on retail merchandising, recruitment and retention, operations and design.


director of operationsJimmy Walsh – Director, Operation and Customer Services

Jimmy Walsh is the Director of Operation and Customer Services. He is responsible for Company’s customer support programs, including order fulfillment, program management, deployment projects, technical services and customer focused programs. He is also a member of Company’s Customer Advocacy Program in charge of delivering the company’s vision in customer loyalty initiatives and customer lifecycle assistance services. With over 25 years of telecommunication experience prior to joining OnviSource, Jimmy has held various management positions in Operations and Sales Engineering with companies specializing in delivering enhanced service applications for major telecommunication and information service providers.

His technology background includes several years of speech recognition research, interactive voice response applications, and search engine marketing.

Walsh holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of South Carolina, with a double major in computer science and mathematics.  He is a member of the Phi Beta Kappa honor society for liberal arts and sciences.


director of product managementBrian Severson – Director, Product Management

Brian Severson is responsible for the company’s product management function which includes product strategic direction, product planning and product lifecycle management - from the concept to development, rollout, field performance and product end-of-life process. His mission is to continuously develop a deep understanding of the market and the end user requirements and needs, and deliver solutions that meet or exceed expectations. With over 20 years of experience in a mixture of technology and customer experience, he successfully combines end customer needs with the technical solutions.

Brian joined VoiceLogger/DavaCord (later acquired by OnviSource) in 2004. Prior to joining OnviSource, he held various technical and management positions with companies such as Southwestern Bell, Sprint PCS, CompUSA, and Telcore.

Brian has served in multiple and progressive positions at OnviSource. He began his professional career with the company as a Product Engineer responsible for product deployment and customer relation management. He was soon promoted to Manager of Technical Services and Product Deployment where he managed company’s centralized customer service and technical support department.  Upon demonstrating exceptional customer relation skills and technical knowledge, Brian transitioned into the role of Director of Operations.  His progressive and combined experience in technology, product rollout and customer requirements earned him a promotion in 2014 as Director of Product Management.

Brian studied Criminal Justice at Tulsa College in Tulsa, Oklahoma and computer sciences at Tarrant County College in Arlington, Texas.



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