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Compliance-Driven and Result-Oriented Contact Center Outsourcing Solutions

OnviSource's contact center solutions can be acquired by customers in multiple ways: as on-premise software products, cloud services, managed services, outsourcing solutions, or any combination.

OnviSource owns and operates its own contact centers in Texas and Oklahoma and has been providing award-winning contact center BPO services, called OnviServ, to a number of large and nation-wide enterprises for over 10 years. We have a solid track record of success in offering outsourcing solutions.

OnviServ offers a variety of contact center outsourcing services.

  • Telemarketing
  • 3rd party transaction validation
  • Sales
  • Customer retention
  • New customer acquisition
  • Customer services
  • 3rd party quality assurance (QA)
  • Analytics

The success of our outsourcing services is ranked highly by reputable and nationwide telecom companies in consecutive years. Success is based on using our own advanced WFO and contact center technologies, the contact center know-how, the methodical agent on-boarding, QA and training, client relationship management, our flexible terms and pricing models, and our performance-based approach.

The productivity, compliance and performance of our outsourcing services are significantly improved as our contact centers in Texas and Oklahoma are fully equipped with our own advanced workforce optimization, automation and unification technologies. The very same solutions that are sold as software products to over 500 other customers and contact centers.

Our additional advantage of owning and operating our own contact centers is gaining significant knowledge in contact center best practices and “know-how” from a real world environment. This knowledge is continuously used to improve our software products, cloud solutions and customer assistance programs.

OnviServ Outsourcing Services

OnviServ offers a range of outsourcing solutions with attractive prices and flexible terms.

Workforce Optimization

  • Quality Monitoring-Assurance
  • Analytics-based and automated QA utilizing both the analytics technologies and QA agents
  • Omni-channel analytics - monitoring and analyzing the customer interactions via calls, emails, text, desktop transactions, customer surveys, and social media
  • Customer surveys, Voice of Customer (VoC) and customer experience (CX) management

3rd Party Verification and Validation

  • Sales
  • Customer transactions

Social Media

  • Social media programs for branding, sales, marketing, customer experience management, etc.
  • Social media capture, analytics and reports
  • Social media engagements

Telesales and Telemarketing

  • Customer retention
  • Customer acquisition
  • Up-sell and cross-sell

Customer Services

  • Sales Services
  • Customer order processing and provisioning
  • Customer support services

OnviServ Multilayer Capabilities

OnviServ outsourcing solutions are empowered by a multi-layer set of capabilities.

Highly advanced IT and Contact Center Technologies

Call recording, screen capture, QA, omni-channel analytics, transaction automation, advance reporting and analysis of the operation, contact center call management, and powerful CRM capabilities.

Workforce Development Programs

Talent sourcing, on-boarding, initial and on-going training, call/screen recording and analytics-based QA in order to monitor and improve agent performance; periodic performance rank-and-file system, daily performance KPI monitoring and corrective actions, and agent special incentive programs.

Compliance Management

Measurements, management, resolution and adherence of Service Compliance Indicators (SCI) in order to meet and exceed the compliance requirements related to the service and client requirements, as well as regulatory requirements for local, state or federal agencies.

Client Relation Management

Operating as a true partner, OnviSource engages with clients at every stage of the program, including service requirements planning, business models, implementation, frequent assessments and reporting, and providing our clients the ability to "manage" similarly to their organizations, but without the challenges of actually managing personnel, processes, IT, locations, compliance, and results.


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