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The OnviSource Equipment Owners (OEO) Association was founded with the objective to create a true, unique partnership between OnviSource and it’s customers.

This one of a kind user group strives to be a pioneer, innovator, and leader in the teleservices industry by facilitating valuable and tangible benefits to its membership.

"From other TAS owners, I've learned various tech-related solutions, business opportunities available to the TAS industry, various business methods and solutions (approaches to sales, customer service, wide-ranging approaches to billing and the use of billing programs, and different business models and strategies)."

- Mike Petretta, Global Wireless Healthcare Services


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25th April 2017
OEO Annual Meeting Big Success in Las Vegas
"I have been attending these meetings for about 30 years and in many ways I think this was the best yet. Great conversation, an opportunity to learn about exciting new products, and as open an exchange of wisdom among our existing users as I can recall. The team at OnviSource was really outstanding in their presentations and the partnership that we have always talked about seems to have really come to life this year more than ever."

Ron Schlossberg, Owner, Advance Communications